What do you do during the quarantine?

07 May. 2020

Being forced to spend more time at home, you may have found yourself spending a lot of time doing things that you have never done before.

For example, you cook for yourself, read books, do yoga or workout, listen to the music, dance on.

But wait!  After you have done everything you could, 
What would you do to improve your workout and recovery?
What would you do to boost the immune system?

Whether you are a high-performance athlete or exercising for day-to-day fitness, regular massage is a valuable tool for getting the most out of your workout and recovery.

No matter what you do at home, you must know that massage could not only improve your physical but also good for your mental and wellbeing.

Improve your mood
Massage increases levels of the “feel-good” hormones dopamine and serotonin and also releases endorphins, resulting in a feeling of calm and increased positive thoughts and feelings. 

Increase mindfulness
Massage allows you to slow down and bring yourself back to the present moment. It helps to calm your thoughts and move your awareness back into the sensations of your body. 

Improve your sleep
Massage promotes better sleep by releasing tension and stress from your body and helping to regulate your hormones. 

Prioritize you
Massage is a way of prioritizing your needs as important and letting yourself have the self-care that you need. 

Massage Pre-Workout
1. Warm-up
2. Release tension
3. Reduce the risk of injury

Massage Post-Workout
1. Reduce DOMS 
2. Speed recovery
3. Help the muscle repair process
4. Eliminate toxins
5. Release lactic acid build-up
6. Improve performance and endurance
7. Increase speed and agility
8. Ideal massage program - Stretch
9. Ideal massage technique - Deep tissue massage