The Industry First – AVS Sleeping-aid Device.

Intelligent Sleeping Massage Chair

Made in Taiwan

TC-682 Massage Chair Carries the AVS Device with the Latest Patent

What's AVS?
AVS, Audio-Visual-Stimulation

It uses RGB colors and natural frequency technology to help
Its user sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Sleep is essential to life, good quality of sleep restores our mind and body.

TC-682-AVS Intelligent Massage chair improves 70% user’s quality of sleep.
Leave your sleeping problems to tokuyo Intelligent Sleeping Massage Chair, The best solution ever for truly, deeply relaxation and refresh.

Industry First-Hegu Point Massage

Heating Function on Backrest

Real Massage Alike of Spiral Kneading Massage

Zero Gravity Design

The Sensation of Weightless Massage


Massage the neck area through to the lower back to glutes and upper hamstrings, The comfort of as if being massaged by hand and relaxation of being gently wrapped.


Model No.
Weight( N.W. / G.W. )
110KG / 125KG
Dimensions (Upright)
1460 Length x 755 Width x 1200 Height (mm)
Dimensions (Recline)
1740 Length x 755 Width x 950 Height (mm)
Container Load
40GP : 22PCS / 40HQ : 44PCS