Cooling and Heating Eye Massager

Relax and start from the eye

6 Product Advantages

Cooling and Heating Cycling Massage by One-touch

Coolng compress:Reduce edema, low temperature up to 18° to eliminate sour feeling.

Heating compress:Promote circulation, constant temperature up to 40° relieve tightness.

Bright Your Eyes

With gentle air pressure acupuncture massage

The temple:refresh the mind and improve puffiness

A Accupuncture:Improve fatigue, puffiness and relieve stress

B Accupuncture:Relieve fatigue and headache

C Accupuncture:Promote circulation

Similar to the real massage touch

Body and Accessories

180° Foldable


USB charging port

Antifouling extra eye covering cloth

Safe Guarantee

  • The default startup state will last 10minutes, and then the machine will be automatically turned off.

Key Feature

  • Mode 1: Heating and Cooling cycle + Air pressure + Music
  • Mode 2:Heating and Cooling cycle + Air pressure
  • Mode 3:Heating + Air pressure + Music
  • Mode 4:Heating + Music
  • Mode 5:Cooling + Air pressure + Music
  • Mode 6:Cooling + Music
  • Mode 7:Air pressure + Music


Model No.
Weight( N.W. / G.W. )
0.45KG / 0.72KG
Dimensions (Upright)
220 Length x 88 Width x 117 Height (mm)
Dimensions (Recline)
220 Length x 88 Width x 117 Height (mm)
Container Load

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