4D Massage Seat For a Upper Body

Let relaxation start from the soles of the body

6 Major Features

Precise Back and Shoulder Massage

Tokuyo massage seat can provide a full range of soothing for your neck and back.
Let the body and mind enjoy a comfortable time.
Create professional massage programs according to different needs every day.
The use of cool warm air provides deeper soothing and relax tight and sore muscles.

Who is The Best Match

Six-Handed Stereo Massage

Tapping, knead and shiatsu three major massage techniques intertwined with a melodious resonating song. Let the body and mind get a comprehensive relief.

Waist tapping
Positive and negative kneading
Synchronous kneading and tapping
Relax shoulder
Massage back
Tapping hips

Five Intelligent Modes

Freely adjust the modes as you like

One click to open and enjoy.
Suitable for the whole family.
Cool and warm function adjustment.
Manual mode can also be used according to individual massage needs.

Auto Mode

Neck Focus on neck and shoulder massage

Back Focus on back massage

Relax Focus on kneading massage

Sleep Focus on gentle massage (no kneading and tapping)

Stretch Can be used with the back manual function (Kneading, Tapping and Fixed Point)

Cool And Warm Air Double Cycle

Innovative VIP Top Service

Relax with warm air

Comfortable with coll air

The wind will blow from the shoulders to the shoulders and cheekbones to release the tiredness of the body. Warm air is used to relax your deepest muscles Cool air is used to change your tightness all day long.


Model No.
Weight( N.W. / G.W. )
Dimensions (Upright)
810 Length x 455 Width x 170 Height (mm)
Dimensions (Recline)
810 Length x 455 Width x 170 Height (mm)
Container Load

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