20 Jan. 2022

tokuyo focuses on health products, bringing everyone vitality every day🎉Putting people first and building a happy and healthy enterprise has hundreds of employees around the world. This is tokuyo's original intention that has remained unchanged for 20 years. Behind the brand, there are many intertwined and stacked stories.
In 2002, tokuyo started as a small team of three people. It transformed from an agent to a self-created brand, promoted MIT manufacturing in Taiwan, and expanded overseas markets. It is marketed in more than 30 countries in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and is committed to promoting high-quality products internationally, becoming The leading brand of massage chairs in Taiwan. Allowing all consumers to find massage products that suit them based on their individual needs👏
This is not just a brand introduction, but a team story about a group of people working hard to innovate and strive for excellence. We sincerely invite everyone to create another 20 years together and continue this wonderful journey.