Automatic Massage Chair

Redefining comfort, It knows you and home better.

Integrating wisdom
and technology in one

All-round no-depression warm experience

Details and Features

All-round no-depression warm experience

Comfortable Headrest

Arm Massage

Shoulder Massage

First Industry Leading “SL” track

Redefining the relationship between massage chair and people

Exclusive technology

Leg Extension(spring)

Adjustable back massage program with smart sensor. Leg cushion can be extended up to 11.5cm.



Model No.
Weight( N.W. / G.W. )
99KG / 116KG
Dimensions (Upright)
1400 Length x 785 Width x 1170 Height (mm)
Dimensions (Recline)
1502 Length x 812 Width x 1200 Height (mm)
Container Load
40GP : 22PCS / 40GP : 44PCS