T-Pro Massage Gun with

Hot and Cold pad

6 Major Features

Heat and Cool Therapy Massage

Hot massage pad accelerates the blood circulation and
quickly defeats the lactic acid produced after the exercise.
Cool massage pad relieves the numbness,
inflammation of muscles after exercise.

For Different Muscle Group

Rechargeable Panasonic Battery Cell

3 hours of charging time for running for up to 5 hours depending on the selected speed and mode.

USB charging
3 hours of charging time
Running for up to 5 hours

Five Intelligent Modes

Freely adjust the modes as you like

One click to open and enjoy.
Suitable for the whole family.
Cool and warm function adjustment.
Manual mode can also be used according to individual massage needs.

5 Speed-Level

Speed 1 1500 RPM

Speed 2 1800 RPM

Speed 3 2100 RPM

Speed 4 2600 RPM

Speed 5 3200 RPM

Cool And Warm Air Double Cycle

Innovative VIP Top Service


High quality aluminum storage box*1, Massage gun*1, Massage gun head*5, Adaptor*1, Manual*1


Model No.
Weight( N.W. / G.W. )
1.25KG / 3.3KG
Dimensions (Upright)
418 Length x 214 Width x 64 Height (mm)
Dimensions (Recline)
418 Length x 214 Width x 64 Height (mm)
Container Load